Top 5 Websites For Reading Manga

Reading manga comics can be an engaging and fulfilling experience, although some similarities to watching anime exist between the two forms of media.

Reading manga in public places is easy and affordable compared to watching anime shows or films, as no special headphones or WiFi access are needed for reading manga. Plus, reading manga offers entertainment at less cost.


KissManga is an online manga reading website offering readers an unrestricted collection of manga comics for free. Furthermore, its tracking capabilities ensure users know when new chapters have been released – while its security measures ensure no viruses or malware enter through.

This site boasts an expansive catalog that spans every genre, such as romances, mysteries, horrors and sci-fi. Users can read manga in several different languages including English. Furthermore, users have the ability to rate and review manga they read.

My reading manga does have serious drawbacks, however. Many pages open deceptive pop-up ads and ask visitors to accept notifications; clicking these may lead to downloading and installing apps that display intrusive advertisements, gather personal information and change browser settings – making a malware control tool an indispensable solution in protecting yourself against such issues.


MangaFox is an ideal option for comic lovers on the move who enjoy reading manga comics on an easy-to-use interface, offering an extensive selection of manga titles with an easily searchable archive and history section for easy tracking of read comics. Plus it boasts mobile app compatibility for easy reading.

MangaNelo is another great site for Manga comics, boasting an expansive library and offering users the ability to search manga by genre or A-Z comic filter, as well as providing users with options for finding finished titles.

This website features an easy, ad-free user experience and supports all major languages – English is supported as well. Volunteer teams scan and translate manga content into other languages so it is more accessible for people worldwide. Currently, over 7000 titles exist within its database which are updated weekly; making this an excellent choice for people seeking new releases.


MangaMe is an award-winning website offering access to manga comics for free, enabling its users to download from various sources and store them without incurring a cost. Furthermore, this site features mobile versions optimized for iOS and Android devices.

Manga fans find it an appealing platform because of its vast selection of genres. Additionally, its database is frequently updated, giving users access to an extensive library with ads-free viewing and an option for tracking reading plans and progress.

The website provides an ideal environment for discovering manga comics and anime videos, with titles from multiple countries and regions represented across its vast collection. Users can also connect with fellow users and share opinions and discuss upcoming anime/film seasons; creating an invaluable way to discover new manga while sharing it with loved ones!


Tachiyomi is an open-source manga reader that supports an impressive list of extensions and advanced features, and comes ad-free – making it the ideal choice for manga enthusiasts! Its intuitive user interface and extensive collection make finding what you’re looking for easy.

Tachiyomi provides several key features for manga fans, including the ability to track progress across multiple sites at the same time – like MyAnimeList, AniList, Kitsu and Shikimori – as well as creating reading lists and categorizing manga according to individual preferences.

Once you find a manga you want to read, select it and tap on its download icon to save it to either your base storage or SD card. When downloaded, this app displays it in reader view that allows users to swipe left/right to turn pages, while providing various customization options and screen customization features for ease of navigation and reading enjoyment.

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