ParentPay – Pay Online For School Meals, Trips and Activities

ParentPay is a cashless payment software used by over 11,000 schools in the UK to streamline payment collection while improving communication between parents, students and administration.

Provides online payments, parental communications and income management reporting for schools, MAT’s, local authorities and catering service providers; parents can pay online for school meals, trips and uniforms.

Cashless Payments

ParentPay Login allows parents and carers to easily pay for meals, trips and activities online using this secure, quick and efficient payment platform. ParentPay replaces cash payments at schools and nurseries and allows children to buy lunch or snacks without needing to bring cash with them each day.

As soon as your child begins our school, they will receive an activation letter with their own username and password to access their ParentPay account. In this letter are instructions on how to use it effectively.

Utilizing the system eliminates the need to carry cash with them and can prevent your children from losing money. Your child’s payment details are safe from unauthorised access and only accessible by you and their bank/card provider; biometric technology ensures their fingerprint scan is encrypted during each transaction, so no third parties can read your card details or personal info – similar technology used by shops and banks alike.

Online Payments

ParentPay provides parents with a safe online solution for quick and easy payments for school meals, trips and activities without using cash. Accessing their payment site requires entering an exclusive username and password sent home with them from school.

The system has been rigorously assessed by local authority security staff and meets stringent internet security standards. Communication between ParentPay and banks is encrypted (so no-one else can read it), while neither ParentPay or schools see your card details.

This online system is easy to use and keeps an electronic record of payments, enabling easy viewing at a later date. Furthermore, automatic payments for expenses like school lunches or bus fares can be set up. Furthermore, saving both parents and school staff valuable administration time while helping avoid difficulties associated with cash payments (lost money or untraceable cheques), it also eliminates costly paper work when refunds need to be issued quickly directly back onto parents payment card account.

Tracking Payment Histories

ParentPay allows parents to easily track payment histories, helping reduce paper waste generated by schools while expediting refunds back onto original cards more rapidly. Furthermore, ParentPay helps alleviate difficulties that can arise when payments are not authorized properly.

Parents can login to their accounts using the username and password sent via email from school or printed on an activation letter, and change their password at any time.

ParentPay provides an efficient and safe method of making payments for trips, uniforms, school meals or before/after school clubs. It provides secure transactions while holding payment history records – no cash needs to be sent into school where it could easily get lost or stolen – meaning both parents and pupils can focus on learning more effectively together.


ParentPay provides parents with access to payment, meal management and reporting solutions through its comprehensive suite. ParentPay is the UK’s premier provider of online payments, parental communications and income management reporting for schools, multi academy trusts and local authorities.

Payments received through ParentPay can easily be imported into PFM for regular processing if that is what you wish for. Simply log into ParentPay and navigate to PAYMENT ITEMS; on the Order History page choose View or Edit and the list will show all paid orders with those processed being displayed at the top. These should match up with a dummy bank account in PFM.

ParentPay also offers a feature called iRoundUp that enables parents to add a donation directly to charity when making their payment. The Misbourne has adopted this feature and any donations made this way go directly towards our chosen cause.

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