Online Massage Therapist Courses in New York

Since 2010, massage therapists have seen their numbers steadily increase due to an aging population and growing acceptance of massage therapy as an effective form of medical care.

Online schools offering massage courses vary, some being completely online while others may include some on-site work as part of the curriculum.


Rubmd can offer a flexible alternative to traditional classroom-based programs, although hands-on clinical work remains required of students enrolled in these classes (which do not come free). While they don’t come without costs attached, online classes may be ideal for students looking to balance family responsibilities with coursework.

Massage therapists must pass either the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx) or an equivalent state licensing examination in their state to obtain licensure. In addition, continuing education classes – online or otherwise – may provide beneficial instruction such as social media marketing or insurance reimbursement reimbursement.

Tuina massage therapy improves the flow of qi, an organic material energy essential for biochemical processes like homeostasis and metabolism, while improving circulation and reducing pain. Tuina is often used to treat chronically sore muscles or injuries, alleviate stress, depression or muscle tension associated with pregnancy or childbirth, or as part of physical rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

Q Academy

The NCBTMB offers an online massage therapy curriculum with both academic and hands-on components. Students can self-pace this course, which comes equipped with an experienced course tutor available via email to assist them throughout their studies. It is an ideal option for individuals aspiring to become licensed massage therapists or conducting research in this field.

Northwest Academy’s program is comprehensive and prepares students for the MBLEx exam while offering career placement assistance and placement support services. Unfortunately, however, its cost may prove prohibitive for some.

This course covers various techniques, teaching students the Foot Reflexology method. Udemy offers quick courses on topics like Siamese Massage Techniques and Arm Massage; upon completion, an online certificate will be provided as proof. Though these online massage therapist training programs don’t come cheap, they could prove invaluable if your aim is to become an osteopathy massage therapist.

Alpha Anywhere

Massage therapy offers exciting career prospects and lucrative incomes, and Alpha Anywhere allows for convenient online coursework completion at your own leisure from any location around the world. Traditional programs may require in-person training sessions; however, Alpha Anywhere makes online coursework available anytime from your own home!

This program comprises two courses, the first covering the fundamentals of massage, while the other provides more specific training for injuries or conditions. If studying six days a week, completing this 501-hour program takes about five months; or shorter programs such as six months can also be chosen if preferred. Based on Social Cognitive Theory and evidence-based practices, training follows expectancies and self-efficacy factors as predictors of clinical, educational, or interpersonal behavior – such as when massage therapists believe their behavior would lead to positive results they engage more frequently in performing appropriate behaviors more frequently.

New York College of Health Professions

New York is one of 18 states to license massage therapists and its licensing board provides education, training, exam requirements for prospective practitioners as well as investigating complaints. Practitioners found violating state laws may face reprimand or fines.

This Catholic school in Buffalo offers both a certificate and associate in applied science (AAS) degree in massage therapy. Their six-semester program lasts 24 months, including 94 hours spent working at their student clinic. Students take courses covering Swedish, deep tissue, maternity sports medical massage as well as acupressure gua sha cupping and myofascial release techniques.

According to its self-study, the college has nine full-time instructors and 56 adjuncts; according to this standard, its “faculty shall be sufficient in number to ensure quality instruction” has not been met. Class sizes average 18 students.

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