How to Reuse Exam on Reggienet

There are a few ways that you can go about reusing your exams on Regginet. One way is to simply make a new course and import your old exam into the new course. Another way is to use the “Copy Exam” feature on Reggienet.

This will allow you to create a duplicate of your exam, which you can then modify as needed. Additionally, you can export your exam as a PDF and then upload it to Reggienet again.

  • Open Reggienet and log in
  • Click on the “Exams” tab at the top of the page
  • Find the exam you want to reuse and click on it
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Reuse Exam” button
  • Select how you want to reuse the exam (e
  • , by course, by term, or by student) and click on the “Reuse Exam” button again

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Q: How Do I Reuse an Exam on Reggienet

If you’re looking to reuse an exam on Reggienet, there are a few things you need to do. First, create a new course and title it appropriately. Then, under the “Course Content” tab, click on “Add Unit.”

This will bring up a menu of options for adding content to your course; select “Reuse Exam.” You’ll be prompted to choose which exam you’d like to reuse; simply select the one you want and hit “submit.” And that’s it!

Your old exam will now be available for students in your new course.

How to Reuse Exam on Reggienet


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If you are looking for ways to reduce your costs and be more environmentally friendly, then consider reusing your old exams. There are a number of ways to do this, and it is not as difficult as you might think. Here are some tips on how to reuse your old exams:

1. If you have an exam that is no longer needed, see if another class or students can use it. This can save you money and help the environment. 2. You can also scan the exam and put it online for others to download and use.

This way, you do not have to print out a new copy each time someone needs it. 3. Finally, consider donating your old exams to a local library or school. This way, they can be used by students who cannot afford to buy their own textbooks.

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